VINTAGE BRIDE MAGAZINE has included our fabulous Balsa Bouquets as a great alternative to fresh wedding flowers.



As an experienced Wedding Florist, I certainly know all about the beauty of fresh flowers. I also know all too well that fresh flowers can misbehave in so many ways; they may be unavailable due to the Season or other reasons dictated by Mother Nature. Despite all my experience and know-how, even when the desired flowers are available they can still blow open too quickly (or not at all), wilt & droop in the heat, become bruised or simply not be up to quality standards.

The most realistic and eco-friendly option for replacing fresh flowers is to use Balsa wood flowers instead. Outside of Australia, these can also be referred to as Sola flowers or Tapioca flowers.   

I simply love that the raw product is still grown by Mother Nature.  Thin peels of balsa wood are cut and shaped to create individual petals, which are then grouped together to create a delightful range of flowers.

All flowers are handmade in Sydney, meaning that no two flowers will ever be truly identical (just as in Nature). This is what makes the flowers so easy to mistake for fresh flowers. They may have the occasional hole or hint of outer wood (brown) within their petals. These are not imperfections, but proof that they are a natural product and made by hand.

The raw colour of these amazing flowers is a lovely creamy ivory, which is so perfect for neutral colour schemes. They can also be hand dyed to match any colour combination you desire. Black, blue and teal flowers will never be a problem again! 




I recommend that Balsa flowers be treated with the same respect as fresh flowers. They can be delicate, with the possibility of thin wooden petals being broken, bent, or split. Many flower varieties have so many petals, that this would barely be seen, but on the varieties with minimal petals, this would be more obvious. Also, take all care to keep the flowers dry, as if they absorb excess water this can alter the shape of the petals.